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    Introduce yourself


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    Introduce yourself

    Post by nimmie1400 on Fri Jan 30, 2009 2:08 am

    Hi all, Idea

    Sissy was the first now let us do the same, we all know eachother in game, but how about your history.

    Here I begin with my thing.
    My name is Tjalda, an have been play since november 2007. I'm 24 years old and I live together with Jeroen(nimeroth) and our sweet dog Nimmie (she is also my lil kid Very Happy)
    My first char was Nimmie a mage girl. she is now lvl 48 ( I never play her anymore, cuz her build is all wrong, cuz me the noob placed points everywhere) She is was guildmaster of heavensangels i got it from a friend last year now i use that guild storage as an extra storage.. And last summer she was hacked, so i made a new account. My second char was Tjalda an archer, she is also a guildmaster of 7_StRiCkEr_LeGeNd_7 it also was given to me and it's also an extra storage.

    Now i've made a new account with the following chars:
    Nimmie1400 a lvl 6x cleric, she is my main. I play her always (like u all know). Leveling her is very easy it seems, because it is so fast with her.
    Elbesth1984 a lvl 2x fighter, she is so cool with that big axe Laughing
    Charins_May_Lee a lvl 1x archer, she is same lvl as nimeroth3 (i think) we lvl her togeter with his acher. Her build is wrong *(tips please)*
    Katie_Ford a lvl 5 mage haha she is now my extra storage with a own guild (storage guild).

    Now thats it for now Very Happy
    got any questions lolz just ask.

    *hugs* Tjalda sunny

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by Daevor on Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:37 am

    Great idea Nimmie. I'll go next, if no-one minds.

    My name (as those of you from DW already know) is Na-iem, which means: the rested one, the one who is always at ease/at peace/in a peaceful state. In Arabic it is often used to describe heaven: peaceful, serene, tranquil.

    I am 29 years old, and I am married to and live with choca, and we have a 3 year old daughter.
    My main (DaevorTheDevoted) is level 72, and has been 7x for over 6 months now Embarassed
    My alts are SlasherTheSlayer (5x), SodanTheSeeker (3x) and HunterTheHawkeye (2x). And, of course, I have a whole bunch of storage chars, some of whom you have already met (like SidonTheSavior, BusterTheBlade, GuntherTheGuard, SayanTheSeer, etc, etc, etc).

    I was originally in Dragons_Wrath, but when the guild master became less active, and key players started leaving the guild, it fell apart and was eventually disbanded. By that time I had already moved my main to The_Company, but then decided to open my own guild to keep the ex-DW members together. And thus The_Round_Table was born.

    The name of the guild was chosen carefully, as I intended it to be a "happy place" for all its members, without a strict hierarchical system. I intend it to be a place where everyone can implicitly trust everyone else, and from that trust, form a strong bond of friendship, helpfulness, sharing and co-operation. (And with the guildies participating in the guild projects so enthusiastically, I eventually I want everyone to be fully outfitted with godly +9 equips cheers )

    Well, that's that. Who's next? Very Happy

    ~Daevor, The Devoted

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by Mo on Fri Jan 30, 2009 5:00 am

    Guess it'll be me .__.

    Mo here... So ummmm... I'm a 26 year old single french female ._."

    My main is Little_Mo (fighter 86), and my alts are LittleMo (mage 66), Bouarg (cleric 47) and Boouh (archer 31)

    The main guilds I was in were Dragons_Of_Faith, where I met Nimmie Very Happy (and Alex), TotusProUnus, Contract_Killers and Cloth

    I left the first two just before they were eventually disbanded, CK because it wasn't what I wanted in a guild, and Cloth due to an argument with a guildie ._."

    I don't remember exactly when I joined TRT, I had my mage in the aca, she is the first graduate of TRT academy cheers but it feels like forever, love this guild, Mommy doesn't know it (well, I think so) but he was the one to make me stay in game when I was fed up after leaving CK, and more recently ._.

    My plan for the futur : cap Mo, get Momo to 70, then work on Bou&Boo to get them to 51 (AOE poison) and solo/duo my way with them waiting for the next cap raise ._.

    ^ Love that pic ._. ^

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    I Guess its me D:

    Post by Keagi on Fri Jan 30, 2009 6:55 am

    Wellll...Names Keagan, Which Means Fiery One...meaning i get angry pretty easily...but ish not that bad...
    Everyone Calls Me Keagi
    Im 19 out of school, jobless, futureless(for the moment)
    I like playing Games, mostly offline cos of no Competitive anger management "i wana kill you noa so badly" type stress...
    Started Playing Fiesta Just be4 valentines Day, got it from a friend Gary, who use to play as Bumble_Bee..
    Started Mage 18(Deleted)
    Archer 22 (Deleted)
    Cleric 18 in Apoline Server (deleted)
    Cleric 52 Bijou (deleted)
    Fighter 54 (deleted)
    Mage 72
    Archer 41
    Fighter 66
    Cleric 37
    and now im just gathering mats on get more rich, train my t3 scrolls and stones and t2 pots
    i dont have any plans for capping and such, im lazy and negative for the high lvls...

    uhm...And this changes to me saying i use to have a best friend who i called Queeny, but now i don't...Dont even wana talk about it...
    It just sucks, hurts too, but whatever right? right...
    Aaaaand ya ^^

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by nimeroth on Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:44 am

    Well...My name is Jeroen i am 32 years old and i life in the Netherlands.
    You all know my girlfriend Tjalda (Nimmie1400) i life together with her.
    My English is very bad i hope to learn a bit of you guys.
    I work as a driving instructor but i can't drive at the moment cuz of medication.
    My main is the mage nimeroth lvl64
    Then i have a fighter nimeroth2 level 6
    a archer nimeroth3 level 18
    and a cleric nimeroth4 level 31.
    Myn fighter is a storage now.
    I try to help the guild so mutch i can with stone production and i help low level dutch people.

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by MakeMyDay on Fri Jan 30, 2009 11:43 am

    Oh this makes things so much easier for me! (I have been so confused about who-is-married-to-who-and-who-is-this-and-that-char-and-main-or-not) so this hopefully helps me to remember.

    I don't know should I try to tell something more about my self but there is not many "nice" things to tell so I better keep being a clown and try to keep rest of the information to my self.

    I may be on a terrible mood way too often, reason is my very sick kids and thei stressfull therapies, medications and treatments. What ever I say should not be taken too personally, and if I hurt someones feelings please let me know so we can talk about it.

    Oh! I never told you what I do for living! I was a petshopkeeper before we got our first son, but after he was born I sold the shop and stayed home. I went back to school 2005, graduated 2007 and now I am a baker. I love making bread,cakes and cookies, decorations and other stuff. I have been making living allso by drawing and painting, knitting clothes and riding horses.

    Nice to know abit more about you all!

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by Holly on Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:32 am

    -raises hand- Me next! >:0
    Lets see.....You all know my name is Holly XD I'm 15 years old and I live in Texas o-o Still in school, No job and doomed to fail ._<
    I joined fiesta in August of 2007, right before high school.....THANK YOU VERY MUCH BECAH >.>
    My Main is......Well I dont have one since I flop around so much. XD
    But My first character was Chikyuu(6x) And She has been in 6x for.......a.....very....long....time o.-

    Then Theres Kyio(8x), Kageyama(7x) and Last but DEFINTELY Not least samashi(7x) :^D
    Lets see....I've only been in two guilds. First was Second_Coming when I was all noob and Fuzzie was always saying he was gonna make a guild.
    But I eventually got kicked because I couldnt play over christmas and The guild was bugged and deleted D:
    The second was Dragons_Wrath, When fuzzie finally made a guild XD

    Omg I loved that guild o.- I didnt wanna let it gooooo T_T
    And now, The_Round_Table :^D Which I am VERY glad I decided to join ._.
    Plans for teh future........Get sam to 85, Cap Kyio, Get Kage out of 7x -.- and Get Chik into7x ._.

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by LyZa on Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:30 am

    *Raises hands also like happy holly*
    My name is (you know who)
    Im in SG for a verryyyyyyyy long vacation and im in home study atm
    I live with grandma blah blah blah...
    I know I joined somewhere around....November 2007 and my 1st character was
    I_need_Love (used to eb 45 but deleted her)
    2nd was KiSs_Me_GooD lvl 3x mage (got her name from a stupid friend -.-)
    3rd was _ComE_ 48 archer..
    and last 38 fighter.... You knwo who >.>
    That is all Surprised!

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by Ayari on Sun Feb 01, 2009 5:00 am

    Ok.....i am new to this guild so...and i guess most of you dunno : My name ish Denis and in game its Ayari,Bago and Sylkie....Ayari ish in the guild and hm....born in 6th September 1994 and i am a boy Razz....and i am .... Friendly , Luv fun and i talk a little too much Razz ... and i live in Cz ( Czech Republic )....there ish a looooooot more but this box ish pretty small ^.^

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by TeenyWeenyAlex on Sun Feb 01, 2009 5:55 pm

    albino Teeheehee,

    Hi everybody ~!

    My name is Alex, short form for Alexandra.

    Born on 17th of May, 1992.


    My main is TeenyWeenyAlex, (lvl 65).

    Alts; TooGoodForYou (lvl 57), TisAlexandraa (lvl 3).

    I started playing fiesta on 16th of April, 2008.

    Erm, I don't know what else to say.

    Errrrrrrr, yeah, I guess thats it ._.

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by Stone_cold_soul on Mon Feb 02, 2009 7:51 am

    Ok I think I should do this as well.

    My name is Tuke. Im 30 years old male who lives in Finland together whit Sissy.

    My main char is Stone_cold _soul lvl 63 cleric and she is "academy fairy" in HS and married to Cruel_Angel.
    Next highest char is MadLadybird lvl 46 archer she is in TRT and married to Killer_Kitten.
    Then comes ElisabethBathory "Blood Countess" lvl 43 fighter and she is in TRT academy. Single.
    And last is my noob mage BloodthirstyBat lvl 23. She isn´t in any academy atm (I kicked her out from HS academy my self to make room for active players) and she is single too.

    So my ingame spelling sucks. Allways mixed letters g and c but it doesent bother me (somebody else it maybe does)

    See u in game.

    (bad grammars badly corrected by The Wife)

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by nimmie1400 on Tue Feb 17, 2009 4:05 pm

    i'm glad to read something bout u all,
    Am I missing some ppl, i guess so.
    i miss our briliant Brett and Lady Boots and Lynneh and Choca (psst lvl 70)
    and oh i miss Slasher (lolz) hahahahaha.

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by morilea on Wed Feb 18, 2009 7:24 am

    Ugh, hate this part.
    I prefer to let my actions speak for meh, rather than my words, at least in Isya.
    Why? Cuz, I'm a maladjusted 40y.o. mother of one (my son will be 8 in April!),
    who comes to Isya to get away from the real world.
    Unfortunately, this ish a MMORPG (my first), which means there are other people here too.
    Real people.
    People who are kind, thoughtful, generous, caring, fun, endlessly entertaining, and worthy.
    Worthy of help, consideration, respect, humor, and even of entertainment.
    These people have brought me out of my shell, a bit.
    (I think Na-iem ish the only person I've online I've ever told my name to, let alone posted a picture of meh.)
    There's reason there, too.
    Ya see, in Isya, there are real people. (Mentioned that, didn' I?)
    And real people include those who are cruel, selfish, sadistic, bent, and often hurtful.
    So, I'm in a quandry between sharing and hiding.
    Hiding, which is why I play; and sharing, which is just in my nature.

    As for teh basics: I live in Pennsylvania Dutch country (USA).
    My main ish Morilea (wizzer 7x), who was part of Dragons Wrath and "types with an accent" since 11/2007.
    The other char you'll see often is 3x cleric Evaine MacRorie, one TRT's original decompers/scroll makers.
    Evaine doesn't really level. Storage chars also include Alyce de Corwyn and Cygny (Mallory).
    (I've always wanted a fighter, named Alleyne Edricson, but we'll see.) (Look it up.)
    I'm a huge fan of SciFi/Fantasy, and started playing D&D when it was first released.
    Humph. TMI, I suspect.

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by Diana_me on Tue Mar 03, 2009 2:53 am

    *still reading..interesting interesting*
    ah so my turn now ><

    my name is Diana (wow...hard to guess), sometimes Dee..never Dee-Dee *rawr* and that reffers to the roman goddess of hunting..maybe thats why i am obsessed with archers.
    i am 18 years old (for now), still a student from romania, senior year of highschool and currently working hard to get into architecture university this year...july..hopefully *shoots herself*
    my only char is Diana_me, lvl 66 archer because i only like to play ranged attack chars...and i like playing archers more than mages x3
    i was in many guilds before but the most memorable guild was Espartanos...which got disbanned i was fun cause, except for 2 more friends of mine, all of the guild members spoke spanish was an awesome experience Smile and i got to speak spanish better too!
    i joined TRT bc of Master Daevor's persuading since i quit the game in that period. but he still wanted me in the guild..tho i didnt play so...THANK U! x3 im glad that he did Smile i just love this guild <3<3
    i joined fiesta sometimes in december 2007 and quit 2 times *but i always come back O.O*

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by Daevor on Tue Mar 03, 2009 4:55 am

    @ Lady Boots: no no, never TMI, *chants* we wants more, we wants more. See we loves reading about you study

    @ Valorous Vixen: we understand your situation, but we are still very happy to have you. And awwwww, you look so (baby accent) cute!

    @ Oh Mad One: *looks at your avatar* You know, when I was a little boy, I had this image of grown men that I totally feared...

    @ Teeny, Weeny, Alex: you could maybe also tell us what country you are from. And where are you sitting?

    @ Lyza: *sings* I_Need_LovE. 'nuf said.

    @ Happy Holly: *in Sauron voice* Come baaaaaaaccckk, we wantsssssssssss youuuuuuuu....

    @Dear Diana: absolutely fantastic to you have back. One of my friends I made in my nooby years was in Espartanos for a while; Takhi is her ign (and Takhi_Jr is her alt that is actually now higher leveled than her main scratch ).

    @everyone in general: it's great reading about you, don't be shy to post more.

    ~Daevor, The Devoted

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by Elemental_Charmer on Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:20 pm

    Hey everyone using the TRT Forums!

    This is real this is me I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now! -Demi Lovato

    Ummm my name is Daisy! Very Happy

    ummm I'm the guild official:

    -Bored Person
    -License Cleaner
    -Chatty Person
    -Needy person for storage problems

    and most importantly your TRT Guard! {Aussa_Kurogane}

    I live in the EST which means I don't get to see many people from different places besides U.S.

    I like earning a LOT of greenies and drops to help other guildies and stuff :p

    I also control the guild's Healing Slave... {EC_AussaKurogane} {Currently 3x High Cleric}

    I also love to give hugs to everyone to everyone here and ttyl in-game! Very Happy

    yours truly, EriAeris, Daisy...

    P.S. I like Milk and Cookies!

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by _Hannah__ on Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:44 pm

    Hey guys,

    I am Hannah, playing since about easter 2008, 22 years old, Dutch, married, uhm what more is there to tell. Oh yes, got 8 chars, 5 clerrics and 1 fighter, archer and mage. my char names are Hannah and flying dutchman. Rest is up to you to find out^^. cya around.

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by LoversChild on Thu Mar 19, 2009 4:03 am

    Wel let's start,

    Hi all, i am Brett i am 48y married and play here about 2 and a half week now. I am born in The netherlands and stil live there my life as a dad of 6 kids. I started in The Dutches and since yesterday we joined TRT. My main char is a cleric and he became lvl 44 lasy nigth. I play mostly solo beausse of my stupid play. I risk a lot to lvl so i die a lot as wel. But i like this kind of play. In a team i play a real cleric and most of the time i heal others and forget to heal myself as well. So i die again Razz:P:P
    I gues we gonna meet in the game from time to time so i hope we can have some fun
    Cya all soon there

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by Asian4Life on Fri Mar 20, 2009 10:33 pm

    Hai~O.O Well Im Felix meaning a happy person._.! My Main is Bloody_Asian atm.And my other characters are "imafatguy lvl 51 cleric" "SaLoRiO lvl 32 mage" and last but not least "Dont_Touch_Meh_2 lvl 1 archer" Now about me ._. I am 20 crazy ande insane ._.! Im usually laid back and most never serious xD But if I have to be il be the most serious Person EVER O.O! I guess thats all ^_^! Just to let you know ._. im ebil~

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by ShyGuy on Mon Mar 23, 2009 5:42 pm

    hey ok quick word about me since some1 told me to do it not going to say names ,,,,,,,,

    well im jos i started 3 days ago.i live in the netherlands aswell and im in this guild for i think 2 or 3 days now
    im the son of sweetsome and loverschild im 21 single (for now)
    and errhhmm im mostly playing solo since i like to and im to reckless to be in a party
    im an archer that got some serious health problems since hes always in front of fighters making him the guy that gets beaten.

    use to play other games just to kick other peoples arses but got sick of it if i wanna do that ill start 1 of those games or make an unknown alt xD

    for now my main is xXShyGuyXx lvl 22

    there is more about me but ull need to find that out on ur own else i ruin all ur fun Razz


    im bored pretty quickly but ull hear that in guild chat Razz
    daisy i stole ur milk AND ur cookies come and get em

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by Athemis on Tue Mar 24, 2009 5:34 am

    Well hiya all! I joined about the same time as Hannah up there, but due to my insane online procrastination abilities, I have just started posting. ^^

    I'm happy, cheery, random, and I just wanna have fun. Athemis is my main, and I got a couple of random alts running around Isya here and there. I'm an archer, and whenever you need me in a party, questing, or just hanging around, I'm here. ^^ Oh yes, and I have a tendency to spam Eldy..a lot..and I might bring it to guild/academy chat without any moment's notice. rawr.

    I played Solstice before joining Fiesta, so I've been in the outspark domain for some time now. But I just joined Fiesta around December 2008. So I am no nub. ^^

    And I'm from Earth. (No, not Middle Earth you hobbits...) *koff*

    SO I hope to have a great time with you all in game! *Throws cookies at guildies* Nice to meet ya all! ^^

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by Mo on Thu Mar 26, 2009 7:49 am

    Eric wrote:Hi guys, I am from Singapore. Dunno how many of u been to my country b4 but just a brief intro to myself, I am a Service Manager working with Nokia and I like to play games alot. I have played games like runescape b4 dunno if u guys heard of it lol. I am online most of the time even in my office lol. I was introduced to TRT by Ms Hannah. I had a char in ur acd (Princess_Ling). Think thats it for now.

    ps : I moved Eric presentation

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by nimmie1400 on Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:32 am

    so who wants to indruce him/her self now ????
    i love to know more about everyone

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    Re: Introduce yourself

    Post by Brett on Tue Apr 07, 2009 5:05 am

    Well... I would introduce me... but everyone already knows me as one of the lazy admins. affraid

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    Introduce Yourself

    Post by Lady_Remey on Thu Apr 16, 2009 9:57 pm gonna try this... affraid
    My name in Nancy but my co-workers and some friends call me remey. (It is short version of last name). So, was pretty cool when I found out this name in the game. LOL. I started this game because one of my sons thought I would like it. Much to his dismay..I'm totally hooked and am farther in lvl than he is Razz . I do not normally talk too much as I am considered a *shy* person. (Really working on this issue). My main character is Lady Remey but I also have all other chars who are currently in their 20's. Oh!! Also I am VERY Loyal in ALL aspect of friends or clubs, so if there is anything anyone needs from me, all they have to do is ask. cheers Hope I did this right. :/

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    Re: Introduce yourself

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