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    Eria_Daisy_Aoi's path to level 21! {Mages only} how did she get there?



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    Eria_Daisy_Aoi's path to level 21! {Mages only} how did she get there?

    Post by Elemental_Charmer on Thu May 07, 2009 3:33 am

    Hey everyone it's me Eria, Daisy, Aoi, EriAeris, Aussa, Kurokuro and other names that you should know...

    I'll be making a guide which will be pretty nice on how iGot to level 21 4 times on 4 different mages on 4 different servers... why mages?

    Mages are the most squishiest... trust me...

    Well here goes the guide!

    Level 1: you should do the 1st quest you'll ever see... it's Remi's Beginner stuff... you simply have to go to Healer Julia and just talk... 7 bubbles done... and choose Ice Bolt >.< after that get the quest from Weapon Title Merchant Zach... Kill 3 slimes then you level...

    Level 2: there's a new quest... kill 2 more slimes getting to Black Smith James... you should have enough money to buy a Tier 1 Defense scroll... buy it... use it against Speedy Slimes until...

    Level 3: take on Imps and the Hero Slime... hand in the quest...

    Level 4: iThink this is the mushroom quest... go kill Fire Mushrooms in Forest of Tides... then try your best against Mushroom Fighter if not... jump him

    Level 5: Impie gangs... very annoying... get them from Storage Keeper Raina and blackSmith James... if you don't level... do what ever you want but go for Slimes while the LQSBL is still common...

    Level 6: tbc

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