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    Hmmm...Try and work with me here? XD


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    Hmmm...Try and work with me here? XD

    Post by Holly on Thu Apr 23, 2009 11:05 pm

    ALRIGHT! Shocked
    So..I decided...It'd be SO much fun to try and draw a group picture O_O (I know shes crazy right? o_o) affraid
    Buutt...There are WAY too many of you guys! XD Suspect
    So, If you want to be in it, post a picture of the character you want(Sorry XD I cant remember what you all look like o_o) And I'll try and finish it ASAP ^___^ pirat
    I CAN HARDLY WAIT! -runs in circles- cat
    -smacks a pole- .....Ow. ('.' ; )

    OH YAH! And I'm not a good artist but I'm not bad either ._.
    AND I'M SO EXCITED! O_O bounce
    And It wont be colored >:0
    What do you take me for? Someone who has COLORED PENCILS!? D:
    Yah...thats right...I don't....LAUGH ALL YOU WANT! D:
    -cough- Its late, I'm tired, cold. Of course I'm hyper. ._. drunken
    So yah, If you would please, WORK WITH ME PLEASE! *_* Like a Star @ heaven _ Like a Star @ heaven

    AND ANOTHER THING! Drawing this will help me stay awake in Class! XD
    Twisted Evil

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