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    I leave. and here's the reason for that


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    I leave. and here's the reason for that

    Post by Lynn on Thu Mar 05, 2009 6:42 am

    Dear guildies,

    After long doubting, having convo's with persons around me, and depressing moods; I decided to leave.
    I got a few reasons for that

    1. I heared Momo saying that she didnt think Mayleen was good for me.. dont mind me but I cant stand it when people are saying things like that. It hurts me alot.
    2. The issue with Keagi.. Daevor I understand that you were trying to help us. But our argue was nóne of your business. It's between me and him, and if I wanna solve it out, I dont need help. I'm just stubborn and I know that but I dont like it when people try to get me different. I do things the way I are and fine further.
    3. I am not on my place anymore.. altho, I feel like. I'm not much in chats, not feeling bounded, and I know I'ma while in TRT, and I enjoyed the time, but I feel its time for me to change. Sometimes changes are needed.
    4. I still got a question. I left str spr boots for lvl 74 cleric in storage, + godly end boots that I bought for 400s. Could I get em back tho? I will return the other equips that I got from TRT also. Don't worry about that.
    5. My academites will stay in TRT academy, but only Toscana leaves to _KingdomHearts_ . The guild of Mayleen and me (altho we're in important position there, not trading you guys in for straight another. Trust me, I'm not like that. I just try to get my things better sorted out).
    6. Maybe I come back.. I don't know. It might take time, maybe it will go fast. I have to decide further what I want.

    With love, from your Lovely Lynn.

    ~~ * puts her chair in basement * ~~

    Its time to say goodbye for me.

    - tears - Me will never forget choo guys.. remind that.

    now I will go sing lessons, so, Byebye everyone.

    I had a great time that I will never forget and wont forget either.

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    Re: I leave. and here's the reason for that

    Post by Mo on Thu Mar 05, 2009 6:48 am

    Lynn wrote:1. I heared Momo saying that she didnt think Mayleen was good for me.. dont mind me but I cant stand it when people are saying things like that. It hurts me alot.

    I'll just answer that because it concerns me directly.

    Yes, I said that. And I think you have read the reason following it, like I've already told you this last Sunday, I didn't appreciate at all that Mayleen didn't want to let you come to my wedding.

    I had a lot of bad relationships, and it reminded me of one.

    I won't tell much about it, because it's none of your buisness, but I know that when one person in a couple is restraining the movement of the other, then it's bad news.

    That's all, because you're upsetting me.

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    Re: I leave. and here's the reason for that

    Post by Daevor on Thu Mar 05, 2009 7:02 am

    1. You need to learn to accept that everyone else can't agree with your opinion all the time. At some point, someone will have a different opinion, and you will have to be big enough/mature enough to accept that others are entitled to an opinion that differs from your's. I am sorry to have to put it so harshly, but it really simply boils down to maturity levels.

    2. At the time, both you and Skywalker were in TRT. And when someone throws a tantrum in TRT, my guild, it is my business, and in my best interest to sort it out.

    3. I can fully understand that. I have indeed noticed your interactions with the guild has lost its... glee factor. You are no longer the happy, spirited girl you used to be when you first joined TRT. Perhaps moving in new circles will bring out that happiness that seems to have faded lately.

    4. We will happily return to you whatever equips belong you that are in guild storage, and thank you for your honesty in returning the guild equips to us. I also hereby thank you for the contributions you have made to the guild.

    5. & 6. I am rather unpleasantly surprised that you would leave the guild without discussing it with me first. From the first time you joined the guild, I have shown you nothing but respect and generosity. You played your main and I immediately gave you some of Daevor's old godly/+9 equips. And I have done everything I can to make you happy and keep you happy. That you would think so little of me by leaving the guild without talking to me first is quite hurtful.

    But what's done is done, and I hope you find happiness in the new circle you now move.

    Your ex-Guild Master,
    Daevor, The Devoted

    ~Daevor, The Devoted

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    Re: I leave. and here's the reason for that

    Post by Pooo on Thu Mar 12, 2009 3:16 am

    Oh My o.o

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    Re: I leave. and here's the reason for that

    Post by Elemental_Charmer on Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:22 am

    awww... I'll miss you :/

    {hands Lynn a Hanky}

    {hugs her tightly and will never let go}

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    Re: I leave. and here's the reason for that

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